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John Lysinger
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Walt,  My family goes back to a John Lysinger  who was born 12/28/1872 in Bedford
Co. Pa.  He had 3 Children, John, Eva, and Charlie.  His first wife died. and
his second wife was a Ruie Bozarth of Fayette Co. Ohio.  I think his father's
name was Dewalt Lysinger of Bedford Co. Ohio.  I have a cousin who was a school
teacher  who has traced this back to some cemetery in Bedford Co.  Records are
hard to find and John was a common name with the Lysingers'.  I'm the oldest
of my family.  Dad past away a couple of years ago.  I'm 51.  I have some cousins
older and the school teacher who is in her 80's.  Anyway I would like to find
out as much as possible.  Thanks for your time.   John Jr.

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Sure, go ahead.  It's hard to tell who is related to who.   The older generation
is gone so we'll have to do quite abit of research to know who is who.  The
Lysingers' in western Kansas and Wyoming are from our group in Missouri.  I
know we have relatives back east but just where I don't know.  They all died
off and never mentioned their younger generation.  Still would be interesting
to know.  Thanks.  JL

George Lysinger
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Found your homepage by chance.  Was wondering if you knew what your granddad Lysinger's name was and so on further back.   I knew that my line of Lysingers were from the Bedford County area but didn't realize until the last year or so just how MANY Lysingers are around the United States.  Very interested in the family tree and all the branches.  Am corresponding with a few of them in your area via the internet.  Hope you don't mind the inquiry.  Thanks
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I am  not sure, but I think we may be related.  I was going to wait until my
Mom got better to ask  her but my curiosity got the better of me.  My Mom is
Shirley Brown (Lysinger being her maiden name).  She has a slew of brothers
and sisters...all from Altoona.  Their parents were Alfred Lysinger and
Hazel, his father was David Lysinger and Sarah (but maybe there was a Mary
before Sarah).  David's father was Job.  There is a Harry and also a  Norman
in there somewhere, but right off hand I can't think if they were Alfred's or
David's brothers.  So what do you think? Do any of these names ring a bell? 
Let me know please.  I am doing a family tree...skeletons and all....we could
gossip! LOL  Thanks for your time........Deb

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Hello again,
  It seems we are indeed cousins of a sort!  I like finding relatives!  My
mother also had an uncle named Lawrence who was married to a lady by the name
of Ethel.  Mom  had a brother named Lawrence (who they called Buddy) and he
was married to Doris.  Uncle Bud died a few years ago.  I know she also has a
cousin named there are too many coincidences....I think we're
related! Great! The Internet is a wonderful thing!
Mom is presently in the hospital, Altoona, with complications from her
Do you remember any of the family?  Mostly everyone is still alive. Bud has
passed on, and Ethel (the eldest sister).  But, living in Altoona are Amber,
Eleanor, Ruth, my Mom, David, Ronnie, Pete, and Harold.  And a slew of
cousins and cousins kids. 
A year or so ago I wrote to a few Lysingers wondering if there was a
connection. It may have been me you heard from, but then again, it could have
been Mom.
I live in Lilly...right beside Cresson.  I moved here from Altoona four years
ago.  I have five daughters...Brandi, Jessica, Holly, Ashley, and Melissa. 
My husband, Jeff Behe, works at St Rose of Lima Church in Altoona.  He used
to work at Fry Metals in Altoona....for 13 years he was there. As a matter of
fact, one of his buddies from Fry's lives in Bellwood too.  His name is Don
Green.  His wife's name is Helen, but we used to call her Edie as a joke. Do
you happen to know him?  If you do, tell him hello for us! 
Mom works as a book keeper at the Salvation Army.  Her whole family is
involved in the church somehow it seems. 
I think this is great, finding relatives and learning about the past. Maybe
I'm just nosy! I found that Alfred's (b. 1898) father was David.  David's
father was Job (b. 1835). Job's father was George (b. 1810). George's
father... I think... is John who was born in the 1760s in Maryland.  I could
tell you brothers and their wives names too...but you probably aren't
interested in that.
But anyway, I've bent your ear long enough, so I'll close for now. Please
keep in touch, and I sure would appreciate it if you did speak to your
sisters for me. (? I think that's who you said?)  Thank you so much for
writing back!!   Deb


Ross Lysinger
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Message 1.
Hi Walt!
I am currently trying to trace my Bedford PA roots. Do you know if you
have any tie to Henry Heckerman Lysinger, DeWalt Lysinger, etc. out of
All the best!
Ross Lysinger

Message 2.
Hi Walt!
Feel free to list my email address. Look forward to any info you might gather.
Maybe if I put it all together the puzzle will make sense!
All the best!